Activity of BAEZ


BAEZ is a specialized insurance company which offers insurance of financial risks. The main ones are:


  • insurance against the risk of non-payment on export;
    insurance of the risk of non-payment in transactions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
    insurance of bank loans;
    risk insurance against payment by letter of credit, bank guarantee;
    insurance of Bulgarian investments abroad.
    BAEZ has also developed schemes that facilitate the financing of the activities of the Bulgarian companies together with the above-mentioned types of insurance products.


Our goal is

  • To provide Bulgarian companies with adequate solutions for their commercial activities;
    Being a full partner in risk management;
    Promote the expansion of business in new markets;
    To guarantee the security of the claims.


Lending to the buyer (sales under deferred payment terms) is increasingly becoming a practice. In this way, companies could:

to increase their competitiveness and to
offer their customers more favorable terms and prices in commercial transactions.
But the deferral of the payment is also associated with a higher risk for the vendor.

Financial risk insurance is one of the most secure mechanisms through which companies can cover the risk of non-payment by their counterparts. So they can:

  • to prevent or limit crashes in their activities;
    to manage their liquidity;
    to increase sales;
    to enter new markets and start a business with unfamiliar counterparties;
    in general, reduce the risk of doing business, minimizing their risk of non-payment.

BAEZ carries out activities under two basic legal acts – the Insurance Code and the Export Insurance Act.

The Export Insurance Act (last amended SG 82 / 16.10.2009) is specifically designed to regulate the principles of this activity in Bulgaria. Under this law BAEZ carries out the state policy in the field of export insurance, covering non-market risks in its own name and at the expense of the state.

According to the Insurance Code, BAEZ undertakes insurance against market risks at its own expense.

The main criterion for which the insurance will be concluded is the state of eventual realization of the risk, as well as the period of deferment of the due payment, which is subject to insurance.